Voici quelques références concernant les présentations de la journée du 27 avril 2010.
Présentation IBM par Gene Villeneuve : 
Présentation MetaManager par Andy Rachmiel , BrightStar Partners Inc. : 
  • MetaManagerA complete lifecycle of administrative, development and support capabilities (21 modules in all) 
  • Integrated Version Control - Real-time, transparent and integrated versioning, report locking, notification, and governance, risk and compliance solution for IBM Cognos.
  • Integrated Change Management - As an extension to Integrated Version Control, Integrated Change Management is designed for companies that desire workflow and process around their development efforts.  With Change Management, all public content is required to be checked out prior to making modifications.
  • Integrated Archive Service - Integrated Archive Management was designed to address sizing and space issues, as well as content preservation.  Content is stored in a Content Management database accessible through the Cognos UI.
  • CPM Explorer - CPM Explorer is a Windows Explorer extension for IBM Cognos Connection, providing quick and easy access to IBM Cognos consumers' daily activities.
  • BSP Recycle Bin - The BSP Recycle Bin for IBM Cognos was designed to retain content that has been deleted from Cognos Connection.